HydroDrip’s Approach to water management and conservation


We are a water technology start-up that uses smart technology to leverage water conservation and solve management problems. We have developed a consumer-oriented smart water metering system that helps consumers to control their outdoor/indoor water usage using a smart water card. As the world’s population is growing, urban cities are getting bigger and people moving around, access to water is becoming difficult and this puts 45 percent of the global GDP at risk, 52% of the world’s population and 40% of grain production.

Building oriented water metering system

The water market is populated with tremendous smart water metering that shares the same goal which is monitoring and controlling building’s water usage. These systems are beneficial in reducing municipality operation cost; water theft and ultimately making water easier to manage in buildings. For these abilities, we call these systems building oriented smart metering system.

Consumer-oriented smart water metering system

Consumers are the cornerstones in water conservation and management. The more consumers are conscious about water stress and take good practices that enables water conservation the world will be a better place. For that raison we have developed a consumer-oriented water metering system, which integrate consumers in the management process, unlike building based system. We call this a consumer-oriented water Metering system in contrast to building-oriented water metering system

Smart watercard

Water card is a credit card for water to foster water conservation. This solution, we call it “a consumer-oriented smart water metering system”. Like your credit card, this system tracks all water usage and restricts water abusive in the consumer’s house or any other facilities (outdoor) such as companies, public spaces and others. The system comes with a mobile application, a smart water card, a smart water meter and a water card reader.

What does our system do than others don't?

Our system controls individual indoor/outdoor water metering system. With building systems, it is complicated and close to impossible to track outdoor usage when consumers are out. To track every individual’s outdoor usage, we have come up with the smart water card that people can use to get access to water anywhere in the world.

Advantages and Benefits

The advantage of our metering system is the capacity of controlling every individual’s indoor/outdoor water usage. Municipalities and facility managers can restrict individual water usage capacity per day regardless of where it has been used. Restrictions will be based on area water context and consumers will manage their consumption accordingly.